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General Rules


Please ensure that you read every page. You only have to do it once, if you have any questions please ask the an Admin

Welcome to (server). Here at (server) we as a community like to ensure that you and others have the best RP experience possible. Please respect others and Roleplay to the best of your ability. We would like to make sure that you feel at home and hope that one day you can become a valued member of our community.

Warning offenses
  • RDM
  • VDM
  • Metagaming
  • PowerGaming
  • Political/Religious comments that may make the environment hostile

Bannable offenses
  • RDM
  • VDM
  • Metagaming
  • Glitches/Hacks
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Trolling
  • Killing a Medic or taking them hostage or taking their clothing or vehicles
  • Bullying

Ban time in relation to the misbehaviour
Ban time entirely depends on the severity of the individual's behaviour.
If you believe you have been wrongly accused of something or believe that the punishment you have been given was unjust, you may get in contact with a member of staff who will then organise a meeting with the Owner or Head Admin. The Owner or Head Admin will then decide if it is acceptable to unban and allow the individual back into the community.
Anyone who is found to be abusing glitches or hacking will be permanently removed from the game and community with no chance for an appeal to come back.
If a glitch is found in the game please report it to a member of staff immediately.

Any threat to someone or the community outside of the game will not be tolerated and depending on the context of the threat the Police will be informed.

What is RP?
RP is the abbreviation of Role Play. Role playing refers to the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role. when roleplaying you must always make the best effort to making sure you do not RDM, VDM or break Role Play. This can lead to permanent or temporary bans.

What is RDM?
RDM is the abbreviation of Random Deathmatch and this is when someone decides to shoot someone whether it's a friend or not without any initiation. This can lead to permanent or temporary bans.

What is VDM?
VDM is the abbreviation of Vehicle DeathMatch this is the same for RDM apart from it is with vehicles, this means exploding a friends or someone's vehicle without permission or initiation it is not allowed.
This can lead to permanent or temporary bans.

What is Initiation?
Initiation is the act of starting something : the beginning of something. So by this it means the start of a new role play.

What is Meta Gaming?
metagaming is an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of. Metagaming while taking part in relatively competitive games, or those with a more serious tone, is typically not well received, because a character played by a metagamer does not act in a way that reflects the character's in-game experiences and backstory. This can lead to permanent or temporary bans.

Example: Bob is on ts3 as well as John. Bob is a rebel, John is a Cop, Bob tells John I am gonna rob the fed, But John can’t notify the police or else that will be metagaming.

Cop Baiting
Cop baiting is completely outright wrong and can lead to a ban.

How to initiate and how to tell if initiation has begun?
  • Tell someone to put their hands up ( give them 5 secs)
  • Tell someone to get on the ground (give them 5 secs)
  • Threaten someone with a death threat ( only a death threat counts as initiation no other threat do)
  • Steal a car
  • Knock someone out
  • Break into a house

(Please ensure that you are within hearing distance when initiating.)

The following is not Initiation
  • Texts
  • Police Lights
  • Warning Shots


Random Death-match (RDM) is defined as:
  • Killing anyone in a safe zone
  • Killing anyone without a role-play cause or initiation
  • Bare minimum RP.
  • Cops / Civilians and Rebels can only engage in a shoot-out if there are reasons relating to a Role-play situation.
  • Shooting a player without giving reasonable time to follow demands is considered RDM.

  • Vehicle Death-match (VDM) is defined as:
  • Destroying your vehicle or anyone else's intentionally.
  • Crashing into another vehicle.
  • Running over people.

Basic Server Rules

  2. Do not try to push or go over the boundary of the rules.
  3. Make sure your in game name is not disrespectful
  4. All, Admin and Owner decisions are final if you have problem please talk to another Admin.
  5. Combat Logging can result in a Ban if you internet disconnects or goes down please tell someone (admin) as soon as possible.
  6. Killing any type of negotiator or taking them  hostage counts as RDM.
  7. Killing in a safe zone is not allowed: Rebel Outpost, police HQ’s and any where marked on the map in green. These are all safe zones. Killing in a safe zone can lead to permanent or temporary bans.
  8. If you are found abusing glitches or duplicating items you will be permanently banned. If you find a glitch please inform an admin or moderator and they will fix it. Abusing glitches and duplicating can lead to permanent or temporary bans..
  9. . Stealing Vehicle in safe zones is not allowed. If you are found doing so then this can lead to permanent or temporary bans.
  10. This is a role-play server. You must role-play. Failing to do so is a serious offence and will most likely result in your removal from server. Using bare minimal RP to justify anything is not allowed. This includes the classic 2 seconds to put hands on head or die - This may lead to removal from server depending on administrative judgement.
  11. Medics can not be killed or taken hostage the only thing you are able to do is steal their vehicle only if they are not in an RP.
  12. Killing a medic and taking his or her clothing is not allowed. ( you can only kill a medic if he or she is reviving anyone in a RP situation that you are in, how ever you may still not take his or her clothes.) You may only steal their vehicles outside a safe zone. Killing a medic without out a reason is a bannable offense.
  13. If someone is in a roleplay and they run into a safe zone to seeks safety then they can be shot as they are still in RP
  14. You are not allowed to hide in any clothing shop during an RP ( this will lead to a ban)
  15. If you are armed and in a firefight zone and are not involved, if you are then shot it is your own fault for being in that area. (Try to get out of the area as fast as possible.)
  16. If you place spikes strips make sure you pack them back up.

Road Laws, Aviation Laws and Rules

  1. Drive on the right hand side of the road.
  2. You can be pulled over by the police for speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road. ( It does not matter what the situation is you must always stick to the speed limit.)
  3. The police can speed as long as there is a valid reason such as a robbery, murder, prison escape, hostage situation or escorts.
  4. Ensure you have a license and a road legal car, if you do not you can be arrested even in a safe zone.
  5. Car’s can be impounded by the police in and out of safe zones. ( they can impound them for either  blocking a road, parked illegally, illegal vehicle or a broken vehicle.)
  6. People trolling walking in front of cars, before driving on beep twice and if they don’t move you have the right to run them over.
  7. If a cops turns their sirens on stop the vehicle or if there is a cop in front of the vehicle stop get out or do as he/she says.
  8. When flying above a major city you must be flying at least a minimum of 150 metres or you may be shot at by police in accordance to having been sent a message to move on.
  9. If you need to land for whatever reason you must ask a police officer and wait for his or her response.

New Life Rule (NLR)

A new life starts, when:
Your character has been killed by a cop
Your character has died in a RP situation.
Your character has been involved in an accident

You are not allowed to seek revenge when you die!


Civilian/Rebel New life Rule

  1. If you are killed you must wait 15 minutes before returning to the scene of your death.
  2. If you die during role-play you can not go back there until that role-play has ended regardless of the 15 minutes being over.
  3. If you die during Role-play your crimes are forgotten, but you also cannot seek revenge (think of it as a new life and you don’t remember it cause it was in a past life that you don’t know about.)
  4. If you get RDM’d it is not a new life and you can seek revenge and the NLR isn’t to be abided by
  5. If you get VDM’d it is not a new life and you can seek revenge and the NLR isn’t to be abided by.
  6. If you manually respawn through the pause menu that is not a new life and the NLR isn’t to be abided by.
  7. If you die within a main city in a role-play situation then you may not respawn within a 1km radius of that city until the NLR is over.
  8. If you die through a glitch that is not a new life and the NLR isn’t to be abided by.

War, Hostage, Federal Reserve and Territory Rules

Declaring War: To declare war you must have to have it somewhere suitable such as the town or city with a HQ, anywhere else is not allowed. You must also have a valid reason to declare war (Police Brutality, being wrongly accused or the police are found to not be doing a good job.) Any gang thinking about starting a war must tell an admin and let the highest ranking officer know why they are declaring war and what their intentions are e.g. ( I am the Leader of ********* and I am giving the police force a 5 minute warning that we will be declaring war on ******* due to multiple gang members being exploited to police brutality. Do you allow this motion to proceed.) You must have 5 Gang members on and 6 Police officers online to declare war.
ps declaring war is meant for police and  one gang only. Admins will let all player know to not intervene with a war. Any other players not in the gang at war who gets involved by shooting someone or robbing a shop, gas station etc. will be spoken to about breaking rules. Intervention is not allowed.
Gang Wars: Gang wars can be declared between two gang and Admins and the police force must be notified. There is no need to have intentions to declare war on another gang, but you must state it and give them 5 minute notice or it counts and RDM or VDM. Gang wars can be fought anywhere however if it is near a town or city with a HQ then the police can get involved. If it is not in any of the major cities then the police can not intervene.  Gangs can also declare war at each other's territory.
ps declaring war is meant for two gangs only. Admins will let all players know to not intervene with such  war. Any other players not in the gang at war who gets involved by shooting someone or robbing a shop, gas station ect will be spoken to about breaking rules. Intervention is not allowed. Robbing is allowed in the case where no police are involved in the gang war. You must have 5 gang members on each team minimum to be able to declare war.

Hostage situations Rules

  1. Do not kill the negotiator.
  2. Do not take the negotiator hostage as the following is declining RDM
  3. Only kill the hostage if he doesn't follow orders or the police open fire upon the hostage takers.

Communication Rules
  1. No spamming ( can lead to ban)
  2. Don’t be disrespectful out of role-play and even in role-play don’t be sexist or racist. ( can lead to ban)
  4. Do not meta game can lead to ban

Teamspeak Rules
  1. Cops & Medics must be in their designated force channel they can both go into the same one but that will also be designated.
  2. No spamming (can lead to ban)
  3. No spamming links (can lead to ban)
  4. No linking porn, offensive or virus containing material ( Will lead to ban)
  5. Everyone must stick to their own channel, (cops in cops channel gangs in gangs, civs in civs and medics in medics.)

Medic Rules
  1. You can revive anyone who requests it or anyone who you have witnessed die in a crash or die from a glitch.
  2. You must only wear and use what you can buy from the medic store this include vehicles
  3. Cops must always be revived before rebels or civs.
  4. You must never give any ones position away to someone else or you may be banned. In other words Metagaming.
  5. You may only revive each person once in the same RP ( cops can be revived as many time as needed as long as there are less than 3 cops online.)
  6. You are allowed to be shot if you are seen reviving a cop by rebel. Please tell the medic to stop before you shoot.

Rebel Rules
  1. You may not Rob the Bank if their are less than 5 cops on.
  2. If there's any type of training you are not allowed to break into a house or take someone hostage.
  3. If you are found to be wearing rebel clothing by a police officer he does not have the right to search you unless you have a weapon visible.
  4. Rebel territory belongs to the rebels.  Police are allowed to enter and all rules/laws still apply. However police will be and can be shot on sight if they enter the gang territory boundaries.
  5. Killing on sight unless it is in a gang territory is completely out of order and can lead to a ban. Role- play must always be attempted. Sending a player a message asking them to stop or get out the car does not counts as initiation and can lead to a ban.
  6. Despite being a rebel you must always abide by the server rules.
  7. A police officer must have a suitable reason to restrain you e.g for his safety, or you have a weapon

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