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Police Handbook

Altis Police Department

Rank Structure

Chief of Police
The Chief of Police is the senior commanding officer of the Altis Police Department. Along with supervising the command staff of the APD, the Chief serves as a liaison between the APD and the Electro-Inf Administration Team.

Superintendent - SUPT
Superintendent is a rank reserved in the Altis Police Department for those with the capacity to lead. As with other ranks of its calibre, SUPTs must demonstrate leadership abilities and have proven that their knowledge of the law is unmatched.

Inspector - INSP
Inspector is a rank in the Altis Police Department which signifies a noticeable dedication to the cause of law enforcement. Inspectors are granted access to a growing arsenal of tools and freedom, ultimately meant for use in peacekeeping and safe policing practices.

Sergeant - SGT
Sergeant is the first rank in the Altis Police Department that makes the command of day-to-day incidents commonplace. Sergeants will find that they are senior to a growing pool of colleagues in patrol operations, and as such, must be able to make quick decisions that lead to peaceful resolutions

Senior Police Constable - SPC
Senior Police Constable is the first rank in which officers are given a directive to 
re is a large emphasis placed on training and transitioning from civilian life to the life of a police officer.

Police Constable - PC

Police Constable is the second rank of the Altis Police Department and is achieved after a probationary period at the rank of PCSO. Despite increased powers and responsibilities, PCs are still under somewhat regular scrutiny, as they are being molded into functional police officers with the capacity to lead.

Community Support Officer - PCSO

Police community support Officer is the basic enlistment rank of the Altis Police Department. As a PCSO, there is a large emphasis placed on training and transitioning from civilian life to the life of a police officer.

Rules and Regulations
General Rules
Server rules take precedence over Altis Police Department rules and regulations; any contrasting information should be immediately reported to staff.
Members of the Altis Police Department are law-abiding citizens, and should show respect for the law. Wearing a badge does not make you exempt from obeying the laws that you enforce, and anyone shown to be contradicting this will be punished accordingly.
Officers are permitted to play as civilians when they feel it is necessary.
Due to the nature of our work, members of the Altis Police Department are expected to respect and follow the Chain of Command. With that being said, we urge all Electro-Inf Community members to report instances where officers are abusing their rank/power or not showing the same respect that they expect.
Members of the Altis Police Department are expected to play on the server for a reasonable amount of time each week. We realize that real life is more important than Altis Life, but we ask that you inform your direct commanding officer of any instances in which you may be away for an extended period of time.

Trolling of any kind will not be accepted from members of the Altis Police Department. There is a fine line between having fun and disrupting players on the server, and it is expected that each officer clearly understands that difference.
Above all else, realize that Altis Life is a game intended for the enjoyment of everyone involved. The Altis Police Department plays an integral role in maintaining the popularity and health of the server by promoting a fun, roleplay-driven environment to take part in.
Recruitment Rules
All prospective applicants to the Altis Police Department must undergo the extensive application process laid forward herein and on the forums.
Applicants to the Altis Police Department must have been active members of the Electro-inf Altis Life Server for at least two weeks prior to applying.
Applicants to the Altis Police Department must wait one week following their dismissal or resignation from a registered faction before applying. E.g. Medic
Applicants to the Altis Police Department must have had two ride along with SPC or above before applying, each 30 minutes plus. Must be with separate SPC
The following process shall be considered the norm for applications to the Altis Police Department:
  • Interested party submits an application on the forums
  • Recruiter reviews the application and decides to deny it or accept it
  • Recruiter interviews the applicant
  • Applicant if accepted then inserted as a PCSO
Chain of Command
Due to the nature of police work, we must be diligent in enforcing a reasonable chain of command structure. As such, the general rule is that the highest rank online or in the situation calls the shots.

The ranking officer in any given situation can designate someone else as the officer-in-charge for the event or scenario. From that point forward, the designated person is in control of the situation unless their command is revoked by the ranking officer. This capability will be used to give low to mid rank officers the opportunity to lead in both roleplay and combat.
If the situation arises where a lower ranking officer disobeys you in an event or scenario, try to resolve it and continue playing in game. After the situation is over, contact command. Just as well, if a ranking officer or officer-in-charge is being disrespectful or impractical with their orders, please report their actions to command.
Rules of Engagement
The Altis Police Department is a peacekeeping force, and as such, officers should do everything in their power to bring about peaceful resolutions in every situation. Since this is not always practical, the following rules of engagement apply:
  • An officer may lethally engage a target when:
    • Roleplay has been exhausted to the point where no peaceful resolution is possible.
    • The offender has fired upon a member of any law enforcement.
    • The offender is immediately endangering a life, and the police have already attempted peaceful resolution.
    • The offender is taking part in a combat event such as the Federal Reserve, base raids, territory captures, etc.
    • The offender is associated with a group that is already engaged with the police.
  • An officer may not lethally engage a target when:
    • The offender or their group disable the officer’s vehicle.
    • The offender or their group restrain a police officer.
In each and every situation, officers should be evaluating the appropriate use of force for the scenario at hand. The following are the different degrees of force that an officer may choose to employ:

  • No Force or Disengagement
    • At certain times the risks of engaging a criminal are too high to justify intervention. Because of this, officers may choose to disengage from situations at their own discretion for safety reasons. Once disengaged, officers should attempt to observe and report any changes in order to eventually intervene and uphold the law.
  • Non-Lethal Force or Taser
    • Tasers are an extreme asset to the Altis Police Department, as they allow for the resolution of situations without further damages to anyone involved. In situations where the scenario is purely roleplay-oriented and no combat has emerged, officers are encouraged to use tasers (though sparingly and with common sense) as a means of conflict resolution. Tasers are not to be used any time the situation has become combat-oriented and lethal weapons are in play; officers without the capability to carry lethal weapons should disengage and seek further orders in this case.
  • Lethal Force
    • Lethal force is an absolute last resort for members of the Altis Police Department, and should only be used when all other means have been exhausted. If lethal force is required for any situation, the officer involved should immediately be requesting backup.
Traffic Stop Procedures
It is extremely important to note that there is no such thing as a “routine” traffic stop; all stops must have a purpose, and the individual being pulled over has the right know that purpose.
Circumstances that are considered reasonable grounds for a traffic stop include, but are not limited to:
  • Breaking traffic laws
  • Parking violations
  • Suspicious activity
  • Reasonable suspicion of drug or weapons activity
  • Violation of other laws enforced by the Altis Police Department
After pulling someone over, there are several critical steps that an officer should take in order to ensure their own safety. Typically, those steps are:
  • If you are alone on your patrol, call for a routine backup car prior to exiting your vehicle. Include all pertinent information in your backup request (location, car description, number of occupants, etc.).
  • As you approach the vehicle, keep your weapon in a lowered state and ask for the offender to exit their vehicle.
  • When the offender has exited the vehicle, ask them to step off to the side of the road with you for safety reasons.
  • Introduce yourself with your name and rank, and prompt them to give their name as well.
  • Explain to the offender why they are being pulled over and offer them the opportunity to justify their actions.
  • Decide, based on the severity of the violations and the behaviour of the offender, what course of action is best for the situation (verbal warning, ticket, arrest, etc.) and carry out your decision.
  • If your decision allows for the offender to leave on their own accord, tell them that they may do so politely.
  • Note: It is not necessary to check licenses, vehicle registration, or search the vehicle on every traffic stop. These actions should be reserved for traffic stops where the information you are seeking is related to the grounds for the stop itself.
In the event that an offender does not pull over after you activate your lights and sirens, you may enter into a police chase. At this time, you must immediately request backup and relay all pertinent information (location, direction, vehicle description, number of occupants, etc.) to the other officers available. While it is permissible for police vehicle to brake check or soft ram a fleeing offender, this action is best left for when two police vehicles or more are in pursuit; your direct commanding officer will probably not be thrilled if an offender gets away because of poor choices that lead to your vehicle being disabled.
The Altis Police Department has full, uninterrupted jurisdiction over the mainland of Altis. This jurisdiction includes, but is not limited to:
  • All cities, towns, and buildings
  • All highways, roads, and paths
  • The air and water surrounding the mainland of Altis
  • The Federal Reserve
  • The Bank Of Altis
The Altis SWAT has full, uninterrupted jurisdiction over the rebel peninsula located to the south of the mainland of Altis. Members of the Altis Police Department are not permitted to enter the rebel peninsula unless actively chasing offenders or if sanctioned by the rank of Sergeant or higher. If at any time an officer of the Altis Police Department has entered the rebel peninsula, they are to immediately notify the highest ranking Altis SWAT member available and provide a sitrep.
In the event that a situation is increasingly dangerous or significant, the Altis Police Department reserves the right to request “mutual aid” from the Altis SWAT on the mainland of Altis. In such instances, the Altis Police Department and Altis SWAT will participate in joint operations and act as one law enforcement group.
Events & Special Duties
Federal Reserve and Bank Of Altis
The Federal Reserve and bank falls within the jurisdiction of the Altis Police Department, and will be coordinated under the command of the APD when possible. In all instances where a SPC or higher rank is able to assume command of the incident, the Federal Reserve and Bank will be led by the Altis Police Department. If those conditions are not met, however, the Altis Police Department will turn over command to the Altis SWAT and work under them in the operation.
In the event of a Federal Reserve robbery, all officers are expected to tie up situations that they are involved in and seek orders from the ranking officer. When all available officers have established unified communication, an incident commander will be set and an operational plan will begin to take place; officers are not permitted to act as a lone wolves for Federal Reserve and Bank robberies.
Because of the severe impact should the Federal Reserve and Bank be successfully robbed, officers are expected to put forth their best efforts in a coordinated counterattack on the Federal Reserve and or Bank compound. Just as well, officers are immediately engaged with armed subjects within firing distance of the Federal Reserve and or bank have the right to detain unarmed subjects who are thought to be involved.
Police Community Support Officers are permitted to participate in the Federal Reserve and or Bank robbery event using the lethal PDW2000 9mm. This weapon is purposefully not included in the PCSO loadout, so other officers will have to distribute the weapons prior to setting off for the Federal Reserve and or Bank.
Because the Altis Police Department intends to minimize damages and losses to the people of Altis, it will not be permitted to merely “wait out” at the gold traders rather than confront the offenders at the Federal Reserve and or Bank compound. However, at the discretion of the incident commander, a two-pronged attack may be coordinated where backup units are in place at either or both gold traders.
Gas Station Robberies
When an officer is alerted to a gas station robbery, it is absolutely imperative that they arrive in unison with another unit or have backup on the ground. No officer should ever attempt to handle a gas station robbery solo or endanger their life or that of the station clerk by acting recklessly.
Since it can be assumed that all gas station robberies include a firearm, officer are to respond with lethal weapons out and at the ready. This does not mean that combat is the first option, as officers absolutely must attempt to peacefully resolve the situation.
If the amount of available police officers allows for it, there should be a perimeter set up as soon as possible around the gas station. In situations where it is deemed appropriate, negotiators may be called in to talk down the offender(s).
The Altis Police Department reserves the right to man any and all checkpoints on the mainland of Altis, as well as construct their own impromptu checkpoints. There, officers are expected to ensure the wellbeing of all motorists and maintain that laws are being obeyed.
When a motorist intentionally circumvents a checkpoint, it does not give the Altis Police Department the right to engage. However, officers may attempt to pursue any motorists who partake in such activities and fine them.

Crimes and Punishment
General Offences
1st Offence
2nd Offence
3rd Offence
Attempted Murder
Prison Break
Aiding a Fugitive
$30,000 Fine
Obstruction of Justice
$5,000 Fine
Fleeing the
Scene of a Crime
$5,000 Fine
$10,000 Fine
Petty Theft
$2,500 Fine
$5,000 Fine
Lawful Orders
$2,500 Fine
$5,000 Fine
Public Indecency
Verbal Warning
$1,000 Fine
Verbal Warning
$1,000 Fine

Vehicle Offences
1st Offence
2nd Offence
3rd Offence
Automobile Theft
Vehicular Manslaughter
Accidental: $10,000 Fine if at Fault
Operating and Illegal Vehicle
$10,000 & Impound
Landing in City Limits
$10,000 & Impound
$3,000 Fine
$10,000 Fine
No Valid License
$3,000 & Impound
Reckless Driving
$3,000 Fine
$10,000 Fine & Impound
Illegal Go-Kart Use
$1,000 Fine
$5,000 Fine
Failure to Use Lights
Verbal Warning
$1,000 Fine
$2,000 & Impound
Illegal Parking
Verbal Warning
$1,000 Fine

Speed Limits

50 km/hr
Side roads in towns
65 km/hr
Main highway in towns
80 km/hr
Main highway in residential area
110 km/hr
Rural areas

Firearms Offences
1st Offence
2nd Offense
Illegal Firearms Trafficking
$30,000 & Confiscation
Possession of an
Illegal Firearm
$25,000 & Confiscation
Possession of a Suppressed Firearm
$25,000 & Confiscation
Possession of a Firearm without Firearms License
$10,000 & Confiscation
Illegal Discharge of a Firearm
$5,000 & Confiscation
Open Carry of Legal Firearm in City Limits
$5,000 & Confiscation

Legal Firearms
  • Zubr .45 ACP
  • ACP-C2 .45 ACP
  • 4-Five .45 ACP
  • PDW2000 9mm
  • Rook-40 9mm
  • SDAR 5.56mm

Illegal Firearms
  • Mk18 ABR 7.62mm
  • Mk200 6.5mm
  • MAR-10 .338
  • AK Variants
  • Katiba 6.5mm
  • MK-I EMR 7.62mm
  • ASP-1 Kir 12.7mm
  • M320 LRR .408
  • Rahim 7.62mm
  • Mk14 7.62mm
  • Cyrus 9.3mm
  • MX Variants

Illegal Items
1st Offence
2nd Offense
Gold Bars
Blasting Charges
$50,000 & Confiscation
Turtle Meat
$20,000 & Confiscation
Bolt Cutters
$10,000 & Confiscation
$10,000 & Confiscation
Spike Strips
$15,000 & Confiscation
$5,000 & Confiscation

Police-Issued Weapons

[Image: vr8C0nSWVjvHrKb9lKt_Mrq-W9rHSWZocaX7-0te...YgSxSRKOx_]
All Cops+

The Altis Police Department relies heavily on the use of tasers for peacekeeping operations where lethal force is not required. Tasers are to be used in non-combat resolutions for the safety of the person being tased, all officers involved, and the general populace.

Vermin SMG .45 ACP

[Image: SsJeFMzhPlY74NyRmNrRz-KIIyBsgXW1Eic_LKZ_...p3j9qpbWl8]

The Vermin SMG .45 ACP is an optional carry weapon for the rank of PCSO and above.

Sting 9mm

[Image: yb2wRaLBc2vn8gTof7tOzumQ4gYJRvs_Ntpu_Uz3...g039daXayC]

The Sting 9mm is an optional carry weapon for the rank of PCSO and above.

Taser rifle 5.56x45mm

[Image: ADteCUZpSv_8wIEmufsunl9F-oG9GpZylsLFwzr1...WRwc7Lh15y]

The Altis Police Department relies heavily on the use of tasers for peacekeeping operations where lethal force is not required. Tasers are to be used in non-combat resolutions for the safety of the person being tased, all officers involved, and the general populace.

Mk20 5.56x45mm

[Image: Z62x1oC537Slkhoyg8xQziorQz5oE9-35otYe_cH...AZb_5ob6Bu]

The Mk20 5.5645mm is the standard issue patrol weapon for the rank of PC, and is also accessible as an option for higher ranks.

MX 6.5x39mm

[Image: oXuLI73wJNeJIthzhNnT3UTSJUPqA0Hkrp0-fArT...ZEiS2qjOyn]

The MX 6.539 mm is the standard issue patrol weapon for the rank of Senior Police Constable, and is also accessible as an option for higher ranks.

MXM 6.5x39mm

[Image: 5DULAwh4C4YctE1P58GSxCspuj91nIzvgQc1J7Tp...rIKt6W7YaY]

The MXM 6.539mm is the standard issue patrol weapon for the ranks of Sergeant and Inspector, and is also accessible as an option for higher ranks.

Mk18 ABR 7.62x51mm

[Image: RRfGJ0W8oEVoKM9bHd66RAfBGKcH6mSa_5FX15on...iM5QuDCfl0]

The Mk18 ABR 7.6251mm is the standard issue patrol weapon for the rank of SUPT, and is also accessible as an option for higher ranks.
Special Divisions
Negotiation Division
The purpose of the Negotiation Division is the peaceful resolution of situations that might otherwise end in injury or death. By training and assembling a team of expert negotiators, the Negotiation Division hopes to be an asset to the general populace of Altis in their most desperate times. Whether it involves negotiating ransom in hostage situations or talking down an unruly, dangerous subject in the streets of Kavala, the Negotiation Division prides itself in its excellent work to keep the people of Altis safe.
Negotiators are the frontline force for communicating with criminals or rebels who have hostages or any other asset that is valuable to the Altis government. When possible Negotiators are to work under the direction of a Senior Altis Police Department; they should, however, have sufficient training to work independently and efficiently in each scenario.

At this current state only Superintendent, Inspector & Police Captain can promote.
Superintendent can promote up to Inspector.
Inspector can promote up to Sergeant.
Police Captain can promote up to Superintendent.
All promotions must be logged on the Roster.


Tactical Vest, Cap (Police). Beret (Black), Flashbang Helmet, Beret (NATO). Beret (Colonel).
Tactical Vest, Cap (Police). Beret (Black), Flashbang Helmet, Beret (NATO).
Tactical Vest, Cap (Police). Beret (Black), Flashbang Helmet.
Tactical Vest, Cap (Police). Beret (Black)
Tactical Vest, Cap (Police).
Tactical Vest, Cap (Police).
Rangemaster Belt, Slash Bandoiler, Cap (Police).

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