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Staff Application Template

Electro-Inf Police Application:

Before Applying you must have read the Server Rules, you may be tested on it during the interview!  


All questions must be answered truthfully, Electro-Inf staff hold the right to deny your application on any basis, with or without reason given.

Copy this template to your own new post

What is your current in game name? (Teamspeak and in-game name should match)

What is your Player ID? ((Arma 3 Main Menu > Configure > Profile > Player ID). Failure to supply this will result in Application Rejection).

How old are you?

How many hours do you have on Arma 3? (Please provide a link to your steam profile for verification.)

What Country & Timezone Are You In? Can you speak proper English?

Have you any staff experience? (If so state the position and on which community.)

Do you own a working microphone?

Explain what RDM is?

Explain what VDM is?

Explain what Metagaming is?

Explain what Powergaming is?

Explain what Fail RP is?

Explain what the Role of a Moderator is? (Minimum 50 words)

Explain what the Role of an Admin is? (Minimum 50 words)

Explain what the Role of a Head Admin is? (Minimum 50 words)

Failure to answer questions does not prevent you from becoming staff but my depend on
the position given.

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