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Small ideas

Well since my small time on the sever i thought of a couple of idea that could be touched up on:

I was driving my car and then i crashed in the middle of no where i thought that you could just get a repair kit out of your car but you couldn't so(Spawn Repair kit in car)  i logged out to spawn closer to a a city to get a car it just put me back to the where i logged out. I know this stops people from soft logging but it can be a pain.

When you are at rebel you can only buy so many attachments would be go to see more RCO type scopes and maybe a couple of high power scopes as well like AMS, Kahlifa and MOS.

You can not buy medic kits at rebel outpost and you need to risk with a illegally gun and getting caught by police.

You could add more skins for vehicle.

When you get teased you break your leg don't understand why.  

Am pretty confident when you die you don't lose your warrent (Bad spelling) 

When you buy rebel licences you can not spawn in kavala.

Police be more lenient on people who are going to show good roleplay.

These are just some small idea i have for rebel i couldn't give any for police since am not in it.

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